Eminem Yeni albümü "Relapse" olduğunu doğruladı

Eminem, Kırmızı halıda Basına poz verdi ve onun yeni kitabının "The Way I Am" tanıtımı için Shade 45'teydi, "Relapse" olan onun yeni albümün ismi olduğunu söyledi, 50 cent'in, de feat'lerde Yer vereceğini doğruladı, ve Dr. Dre, daha çok albüm producing olduğunu belirtti ...

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Here is also an MTV Video of him posing for pictures(Eminem kitab taıtımı izlmek için tıkla) : CLICK

New Shade 45 Freestyle Eminem Lyrics:

[Background: Chikka chi chikka]
Gue…Guess who’s back
I said…‘Oh!’
I said…‘Oh’
[Background: Chikkita Chikka Chikka]
Guess who’s back
I said…man…
Gue…Gue…Guess’s who’s back
Gue…Gue…Gue…Guess’s who’s back
Damn it feels good to be back
[Background: Guess who’s back]
I am having a relapse

How the hell did he manage to get more felony charges?
He's already got life in jail, man, what the hell is his problem?
Well, to be honest, the smell of these chronic leaves make me hella demonic.
They've compelled me to kill this elderly man and I get these panic attacks.
Pop a Xanax, relax, tryin' to stick my fuckin' dick inside a manikin's ass.
Then I get manic depressed, see the orthodontist, get gas masks, kick ass.
The first thing I put on is the mask.
Speaking of mask, man, it ain't too late to have a change of pace and take
it off and show my face so you can see the things you're facing.
Slice you up and cook you after you're murdered by strangulation.
That's bacon soufflé you're making, ain't you? Well, thank you Jason.
There goes one more coma due to blunt force trauma.
Just gimme one more soma and I'll be done for 'ol mama.
Go in the damn broom closet, another valium lost it, shoved in the vacuum
nozzle, down the bathroom faucet.
It seems like every day I get a little flakier, the medication is making my
hands a little shakier.
Hand me that 18 month old baby to shake 'em up.
It'll only take me a second to choke his trachea.
Breakin' his neck in 80 some places
Baby, here's Shady. Come lady.
He's got the razor for blazin' the ch-ch-chainsaw baby.
You b-b-blunderin', bumblin', m-m-mublin' dumb dumb.
Yeah, here I come come, you hear the rumbling? Vrumm vrumm.
There's something inside of that blue tub and that drum drum.
A head and torso, of someone. Where'd it come from?
Whose it belong to? Maybe the girl with the long, blonde hair who
disappeared and left her cheerleader pom poms?
Clearly there's somethin' wrong 'cause she didn't come home.
She's missing, where is she? Something fishy is goin' on.
I guess he stuck the bitch with the pitchfork with the long prongs.
Now everybody get your dance on to my dance song.

Not : Yeni kitabın Tanıtım gününden fotoğrflar ve yeni Freestyle yaptığı zaman Shade 45'da ,Eminem ve 50 cent oldu yeni resim tam net olmadığından görüntü öyle ,ve bazı siteler bizim özel çeviri haberlerimizi bizden izinsiz alıyorlar birçok haberi aynı yazı aynı fotoğraflar siteden haber çalmk yasak haberinize alıntı yapıyorsanız Eminemturkiye.com 'dan alıntıdır şeklinde belirtin yoksa mekanınızda heryerde rezil ederiz ,rezilde olursunuz belirtiyim dedim ...

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